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Posted by DUSTRAISER on 01 Feb : 17:13
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hi - is the HP2 enduro still being produced in 2009 and if yes, any design changes ? regards
now !!!
Posted by blackSP on 02 Feb : 16:19
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As far as I know the HP2E was really only produced in 2005 and then assembled until 2006. Machines on stock were sold until 2008 and that was that. There may be a few new machines here and there, like the one I found at a BMW car dealership in Hellas, Greece, that was shipped to Amsterdam by BMW per my dealer's request.
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b l a c k S P e c i a l s
Posted by blackSP on 17 Feb : 21:04
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HP2 Enduro -

The earliest Euro spec HP2 Enduro VIN number found is - ZL00000 showing as an August 2004 build date.

The latest Euro spec HP2 Enduro VIN number recognised on RealOEM.com is - ZL02516 showing as an August 2006 build date.

That would imply just over 2,500 Euro spec HP2 Enduro's built and another 393 US spec bikes, bringing the total HP2E's to around 3,000

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b l a c k S P e c i a l s
Posted by bothfeeton on 22 Jan : 07:43
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just off a 2000 150GS after 300,000km - now proud owner of a 2006 lo miles HP2. Lots of questions as I do not have a service or repair manual.
First - oil quantities and viscosity / manufacturer for engine, gearbox and FD.

2. Big clunking on gear shifts - normal?
3. Clicking clonking ....noise when from on to off-throttle. seems a lot of backlash/slack.....normal?
4. Vibration - engine transmits a lot of vibration in most gears/engine speeds - normal?
Bike was mainly trail riding - 17,000km but well maintained.

What's the best engine / cylinder guards?
With total weight of 130kg - air shock at 7 Bar seems to be real rough going on not so good streets. - lowering pressure?
Running Shinko Trail Master tires now - noisy !

would be good to have answers - thanks!
once upon ....
Posted by eddnor on 08 May : 21:01
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I have exactly the same questions.
If you find any answers please share.
own f800gs want HP2 enduro

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