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Posted by Warthog on 23 Jan : 02:03
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Registered: 20 Jan : 12:53
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Engine vibration on the HP2 is a bit more than a GS or GSA bike, as there is no counter-balance shaft (to reduce weight). However, the HP2 should still run pretty darned smooth.

Got bad vibes?
1. Re-torque all engine-to-frame mount bolts. They WILL loosen, even faster if you ride dirt, rocks, or washboard roads.

2. Check air pressure in the rear shock. Rising temps increase air volume, making the shock hard.
Posted by Warthog on 23 Jan : 02:10
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This has been a recurring problem with a few riders .

1. Have a BMW shop check your fork internals. There is a series of connections between the damper piston and rod, up to the stanchion tube cap. All nuts need to be torqued. Do it at your next fork oil change (which is probably due now).

2. Steering head bushings and bolt. Check torque values.

Some riders have had the fork replaced under warranty. Checking torque on the internals will lengthen life of the fork. If you ride off road, fork oil should be changed and internals checked at appropriate intervals.

Posted by blackSP on 29 Jan : 22:09
Reply to this Dip in power curve

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Due to environmental regulations and restrictions the HP2 runs very lean. This can be fixed by changing the mapping of the computer through a bypass by means of a rapidbike or powercommander. I had the pleasure of riding one with a rapidbike and the engine is smooth(er) all the way.
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b l a c k S P e c i a l s
Posted by paulblez on 09 Jan : 16:39
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Has anyone else had problems with the throttle cable sticking?
My cable seized up in the cold weather here in London. I let it tick over for a while and then opened the throttle a little OK, but then it stuck open.
Today I investigated and discovered that the cable had 'jumped' out of its slot at the handlebar end and was jammed at the side. I managed to get it back in place and then spent hours taking off the sidepanels of the tank to lubricate the lower cable runs to the fuel injectors. The left one was OK, the right one was really stiff.
A little bit of oil to the right lower cable made a big difference and it now returns OK UNLESS I open the throttle all the way, in which case it is still sticking.....
I also managed to crack the air intake mounting bracket when taking it off but have sealed it up with special tape. It looks as if the twistgrip was designed for a double cable pulling in both directions. Is that what the GS1200 has?
Any thoughts and suggestions appreciated.
After I'd finished all the above, the battery had gone flat again, even though it's a much bigger and better-than-standard Odyssey. Damn!

Posted by Kurt on 10 Feb : 00:22
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I've found that my transmission can be in Neutral without telling the computer (no 'N' on display), which prohibits idling with kickstand down. Recently I've seen no gear indicated at all in 1st, N and 2nd...

Is there a bolt out of torque??

Posted by RSJ on 01 Mar : 23:35
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I have same problem. I think that swith or locator have computer problem

Sometime i can t use starter , because neutral phantom. In this case i put in first or second gear, and i can start engine
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Posted by bothfeeton on 31 Mar : 06:02
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HP2 - 2006 model.... horn problem! Here it goes...ignition on..horn works multiply times; start engine...horn works multiply times at times, sometimes only once then there is nothing; bike is being driven....horn only goes once then nothing. While driving...switch off ignition and back on start...horn works - once only! checked all cabling, voltage is there but then absolutely zero voltage. No fuse box so I don't really know why it cuts the power off.
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Posted by Beppezen on 22 Mar : 13:29
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I've got my HP2 after years, all right except for the cluch which is noisy.
Only when pulled, as you release it for starting the noise disappears, just a little noise when pulled to enter second gear and so on.
As the engine warms the noise decreases. I disassembled the rear frame, pull out the gearbox which is in very good condition, running smooth, bearings ok.
The long pushing shaft is perfectly straight, the bearing on the hydraulic actuator is ok, the big spring and the friction surfaces look good. I just replaced the clutch disk even if the old one is still in tolerance. Now I reassemble everything but I don't think to have solved the issue.
Any idea is welcome !
Cheers Giuseppe

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