Warranty replacements
The standard battery is known to die quickly resulting in engine start failure.
This is usually manifistated by a clicking sound which comes from the relay that inhibites the starter engine to rotate when the battery voltage drops below a certain point.
Replace the battery by an adequate model conform the following specs:
Size: 150mm x 87mm x 110mm
Voltage: 12
Capacity Amp. Hrs. 11, prefereably more (14)
Example: Odyssey PC545, YTX14-BS AGM-SLA

(Corrections/additions requested).

Rear Suspension Failure
The stock Continental Air Shock looses pressure in some cases, The unit is air tight by using rubber/plastic components.
Have unit replaced under warrenty or refurbished by Continental.
Alternatively replace unit bu a conventional spring (Ohlins, WP, etc)

(Corrections/additions requested).
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